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Title: Ward 2 city council candidates
Post by: Sal Atticum on May 28, 2010, 09:01:29 am

Quote from: Tu-Uyen Tran
Perhaps the biggest contrast between Tim Behm and Tyrone Grandstrand, candidates for the Ward 2 Grand Forks City Council seat, is their take on the relationship between UND students and homeowners in Ward 2 and what ought to be done to improve it.

Behm said they’re a problem and homeowners felt there was a “lack of respect” for them from students renting neighboring homes. He said he would encourage homeownership in the neighborhood, if elected, to help rejuvenate it.

Grandstrand didn’t dispute that friction exists, but he said encouraging neighbors to get to know one another would improve understanding and lead to mutual respect. He said he doesn’t think it’s the role of government to try to affect the housing market.

The two, who are in the only contested council race this year, faced off at a forum organized by the Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday at City Hall.